Fine dining for everyone

Shinmachi is a restaurant at the heart of Newtown in Sydney, serving Japanese fusion food. We are just 5-mins walk from the train station.

Our food is made with the highest degree of care and creativity. At Shinmachi, you will find the Japanese food you love and the Japanese food you never knew about.

Our chefs pride themselves on their professionalism, creating dishes with beauty in taste and form. 

That's not to say that we're a 'fine-dining' establishment though. We serve artisan food, but in an environment that welcomes everyone. From the moment you step into our restaurant, you will notice our love of art, music and creative pursuits.

It's our pleasure to serve you the food of Shinmachi.

Meet the Shinmachi team

We're a team of creative food-lovers coming from diverse cultural backgrounds. 


We love cooking fine food​ for everyone to enjoy.

Reina - Restaurant Manager

Reina is passionate about delighting customers and providing top-notch service. In fact, she's known for coming up with catchy quotes that everyone loves. Reina is also a great dancer and karate master.

Erick - Ramen Genius

Erick infuses his Thai origin into his cooking. He knows how to make food spicy, and we mean deadly spicy. Erick is in charge of Shinmachi's hot food and is reponsible for the delicious ramen too.

Gabriel - Sushi Extraordinaire

Gabriel used to work under Iron Chef Rokusaburo Michiba. He is originally from Brazil, and can speak fluent Japanese. Gabriel is super creative and passionate about creating fine food and crafting beautiful sashimi plates.

Yoh - Groovy Ramen Chef

Yoh has worked in super famous Japanese ramen shops like the (original) Ichiban, Ippudo, Santouka and others. As much as Yoh loves making ramen, he also loves dancing. Yoh has been a prominent pop dancer in Japan and America.

Patty - Singing Foodie

Patty is passionate about all things food. She is enthusiastic about the diversity of flavours that combining fresh ingredients can create. Patty is our all-round chef who has hidden talents in graphic design and singing.