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Art the plate

Shinmachi values the everyday creative culture of the people in our neighbourhood. We also think there are healing qualities in food and good company.

Art the Plate is an event created to unite people together in a fun and creative way. 


We have already taken care of everything, including the plate, pigments and kiln firing. Your job would be to design your own ramen bowl! 

painting plate with a thin brush.jpg
Open Community

Open to all ages! Bring your friends and family. Come to Shinmachi and design your own plate.

Pick up your Paint + Plate Set from Shinmachi and create your own design at home.

Shinmachi will fire it and make a finished product for you! Then, you can keep the plate or donate it to Shinmachi.

Professional Artists

Artists of any genre participate for free. You can exhibit your bowl at our restaurant after.

You will receive a blank, hand-made bowl to paint on.

Shinmachi will fire it to finish the product. Your bowl will then be displayed at Shinmachi for 2 months.


Many people visit our restaurant, so we expect you to get exposure to up to 1000 people per week.

After the 'exhibition', we will return your bowl.

The Plate Exhibition is now on!
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