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Art the Plate - 2021 Community Winners

Updated: Mar 8, 2021

On November 13, 2020, we launched our inaugural 'Art the Plate' event. Supported by the City of Sydney, this event's goal was to celebrate our community's creative culture, and the healing qualities of good food and company.

There were two categories open for participation: Community and Artist. Both received a huge amount of interest. Our kiln was firing non-stop!

With over 85 plates submitted for the Community Category, our thoughts are that EVERYONE is a winner. The designs were intricate, thoughtful and beautiful! We are thankful for everyone's participation.

However, as with every competition, there emerges a few that were truly exceptional.


Community Winners

As decided by the community, as well as the Shinmachi Team, we are proud to announce the following recipients of our GOLD, SILVER, BRONZE, & PEOPLE'S CHOICE winners.


Ellen Towers


Bruno Stramandinoli

Estee Sarsfield

Celeste Gilks


Emily Fox

Amanda Wyndham

People's Choice

Yui Tsutsumi

Yui Tsutsumi

Aubrey Leow

Scroll down to view these particularly amazing designs!


Gold - Ellen Towers


Silver - Bruno Stramandinoli


Silver - Ryan Phillips


Bronze - Estee Sarsfield


Bronze - Amanda Wyndham


Bronze - Emily Fox


People's Choice - Yui Tsutsumi


People's Choice - Yui Tsutsumi


People's Choice - Aubrey Leow

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