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Our heart belongs with our Japanese fusion food

At Shinmachi, our cooking reflects the energy of our community in Newtown. Vibrant, energetic, fun. But most of all, passionate. We love Japanese food, as well as food from other cultures. This makes us experimental with our cooking, and you will see this in our menu, as well as our team culture.

Chef Gabriel from Shinmachi
Chef Gabriel with the recipe of another dish in thought

You can expect the typical Japanese crowd-favourites. The curry rice dishes, the tonkotsu ramen, the Agedashi tofu ... these are all on our touch-screen menu. What we also love introducing is food that amazes. Our kitchen strives to create fusion Japanese dishes that imbue ingredients and cooking methods from different cultures.

ramen from Shinmachi Newtown
Hokkaido Burnt Miso Ramen - created by Chef Erick and Ryota

You can see our results from both taste and look. Our Annin Tofu Pudding is an artist's dessert masterpiece, courtesy of Chef Gabriel. Our Hokkaido Burnt Scallop Ramen is the brainchild of Chef Erick and Ryota Kumasaka. The beauty of these dishes are what prompts people to say "The camera must eat first".

Annin Pudding at Shinmachi Newtown
Annin Pudding at Shinmachi Newtown, by Chef Gabriel

The philosophy behind our cooking is that every dish is prepared with the utmost attention, care and creativity. Our chefs pride themselves on concocting unique flavours. In fact, they will have competitions to see who can produce more creative dishes! Cooking is serious at Shinmachi, but we do our best to make it seriously fun too.

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